segunda-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2008

Protocolo Anestésico para Cães Braquicefálicos

A minha intenção não é discutir protocolos anestésicos.
Quero apenas postar que existe um PROTOCOLO ANESTÉSICO ESPECÍFICO PARA CÃES BRAQUICEFÁLICOS na América do Norte.

Quem sabe você não conversa com seu veterinário sobre isso? Mortes de frenchies em procedimentos anestésicos não são incomuns.

ADVISE STRONGLY AGAINST USING (Muitas advertências com o uso de):
Ace promazine
Thiopental (injectable anesthesia)

Metofane (inhalant gas)

Halothane (gas anesthesia)

USE WITH CAUTION (Use com precaução):

Dormitor (reversible anesthesia/sedative)

SATISFACTORY CHOICES FOR FRENCHIES (Escolhas satisfatórias para frenchies):

Ketamine (usually used in combo with valium as an injectable anesthesia/sedative)

Valium (see above)

Torbutrol (analgesia)

OPTIMUM CHOICES (Ótimas escolhas):

Propofol (injectable) with either of the following 2 gas anesthetics as a maintenance: Isoflurane(aka IsoFlo) OR
Sevoflurane (aka SevoFlo)

ANESTHESTIC EXTRAS (Anestésicos extras):

(These would be in addition to the Optimum anesthetic protocol listed above, and are highly recommended for c-sections or longer procedures)
Atropine given at induction IV catheter & fluids Famotidine (Pepcid) injection (helps cut down on nausea and post-op vomiting, hence aspiration)
Dexmethasone injection (may be given if palate if very long or irritated from ET tube; this can reduce post-op swelling and make recovery easier)

INTUBATION vs. MASKING/CONING DOWN (Intubação X Utilização de máscara de oxigênio):

EVERY brachycephalic dog that goes under anesthesia should have an endotracheal tube (ET) placed in his or her trachea! Always! That airway must be protected at all times. The tube should be left in until they are VERY awake and trying to chew it out. Use the intravenous propofol to induce anesthesia (which puts them under) and allows sufficient time to place the ET tube. From then on, anesthesia is maintained with sevo or iso.

Be Careful when masking a frenchie down. Masking can be harder on brachycephalic dogs because they struggle to hold their breath, which can irritate the airways and deplete their oxygen levels (which you do not want before surgery). It is my opinion that using injectable and then tubing them gives them the optimum oxygen supply that is ideal for frenchies.

Por Drª. Lori Hunt
Médica Veterinária Especialista em Cães Braquicefálicos - USA
Criadora de Buldogues Franceses - Assisi French Bulldogs